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This business was started because of this Podcast! Check out our friend Dan Andrews interviewing our founder Johnathan about his most recent update on what Solo Media is up to.

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Today’s podcast is all about a business model that sometimes gets a bad rap on this show: “the agency”.

We recently bumped into our friend Johnathan Solorzano at MicroConf in Austin, and he had quite a bit to say about the subject.

Johnathan is the founder of Solo Media Group, a remote agency of web developers that focuses primarily on Shopify and WooCommerce projects.

We’ve invited Johnathan onto the show this week to share his thoughts about the upside of running an agency, specifically how it can provide you with unique insights into your market, improve your professional network, and help you start earning revenue fast.

See the full transcript below

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why Johnathan chose to niche down his agency. (3:28)
  • A major change that he has implemented since we last spoke. (8:56)
  • Some of the hidden upsides of running an agency. (17:47)
  • Why Johnathan made the difficult decision to dissolve a relationship with a business partner. (21:12)
  • Johnathan’s advice for people in the early stages of an agency. (29:59)

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