Q: What is white label ?

A: Wikipedia did a great job of answering this ‘A white-label product is a product or service produced by one company that other companies rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it’.

Q: Do you only whitelabel?

A: No, we work with clients directly also. BUT We are very selective of these clients. Generally these clients are established brands that know what they want and need help getting there without the red tape of a large agency.

Q: How much do you charge?

A: Most of our projects start at $5000. How much it ultimately costs depends on the specifics of your project and the effort it would take to complete it.

Q: Why is SMG’s portfolio private?

A: We respect our partners and their work. Since our relationship with them is ‘whit-labeled’ we do not publicly present this work as our own.

Q: What tech stack do you work with for webapps?

A: We’re up to date with all the modern Javascript libraries and frameworks. If your looking to see if we work with a specific database,library, or language...send a message to the live chat below. We’re honest about that and aren’t ‘DO IT ALL’ shop.

Q: Do you work with Shopify or Shopify Plus

A: Yes we are shopify partners with extensive shopify expertise. Contact us if you want to see our private portfolio

Q: Do you work with Wordpress or WooCommerce?

A: Yes we’ve built amazing platforms for our clients using wordpress and woocommerce. Contact us if you want to see our private portfolio

Q: What happens after a project is done? Do you help support it?

A: Yes we offer support packages and blocks of hours in our helpdesk platform. Easy ticketing system with replies within 1-2 hrs. Helpdesk.solomediagroup.co

Q: Can I work on my website myself?

A: Yes. We build everything to be editable by the end user. Our goal is not to keep you hostage to us. Our goal is for you to be so happy that you refer new clients or have no time that find it better to keep us on retainer.

Q: Where is your office?

A: We are based out of Miami but pride ourselves on being a ‘remote company’ . México, Colombia, Chile is where you find some of our team members drinking the ‘free’ coffee at coworking spaces.

Q: Do you make mobile apps

A: No, we do not make iOS or Android apps.

Q: Do you contract out development work?

A: No we are all in house and work full time 9am -5pm EST.

Q: Do you do design?

A: Yes but mostly No. Do you know what you want your app/ website to look like? You have a competitor we can take ‘creative inspiration’ from? Then we can help you with the User Interface / Design. We don’t do graphic design (Logos, animations, graphics). We have Agency partners who have great design teams