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Running an agency can be stressful. We know! That's why we take the partner's approach and share the risk with agencies. We create a flat price offering so your company can budget properly. Then we make sure we help you take the project all the way to delivery. You manage client expectations, we manage the technical part. Match made in heaven, like meats and cheeses. ( PB&J for our vegetarian friends.)



How itwork?.

Your company, Our company, shared risk in the middle. How can you trust someone if they aren't on the battlefield with you? There's a reason why our partners trust us with their most complicated projects.

The perks
of working with
Solo Media.

  1. 1


    Increase efficiency Processes and standards that have proven success.

  2. 2

    Access to
    skilled resources.

    Access to skilled resources Our talent not only is amazing, but our culture allows open communication and resources to find collaborative solutions to complex problems.

  3. 3

    Guaranteed work continuation.

    Guaranteed Work continuation I think we've nailed it up at the top. We guarantee our work through to completion.

A word from our
agency partners.


The finished solution totally satisfied the customer. Solo Media Group took the time to not only fix errors, but also clearly outline their process and vastly expand the website's capabilities. The team's clear explanations, reliable deliveries, and hard work set them apart.

-Program Manager
Marketing Agency
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